Polymaster Filters

MPI Pumps

This exciting new range of MPI stainless steel pumps are fully enclosed allowing for surface or submerged installation.
These high quality Italian pumps have a 2 year warranty and are available in varying capacities and combinations i.e. full stainless steel or stainless steel/technopolymer.

Key features of these pumps are:

  • IP68 rating.
  • Automatic On/Off switching and constant pressure.
  • Water cooled motor eliminating fan problems and need for air space/flow.
Polymaster Filters

Manhole Covers

A manhole cover is available as an option for every size tank. These can be used with or without strainer.

Polymaster Filters

Rain Gauge

Heavy duty reliable rain gauge complete with mounting bracket and screws.

Leaf Eater Rainhead

These work extremely well mounted directly below the downpipe. Primary screen diverts leaves from the gutter to the ground with a secondary s/steel screen to stop insects. A smaller Leaf Beater Rainhead also available. (LBRH)

Leaf Eater Water Diverter

This first flush device fits to the downpipe and comes in a kit form – just add pipe. Takes the first flow of water from the roof gutter, seals it off and then automatically diverts the flow to the tank.

Polymaster Filters

Tank Fire Fighting Kit

All fittings included as shown. This versatile tank fire fighting kit is both compact and portable. All fittings supplied for hook onto tank.

Equipped with:

  • 5.5 hp motor and fire fighting pump.
  • 36 mtr fire hose reel.
  • Heavy duty galvanised frame.
Polymaster Filters

Water Filters

Special Features:

  • Removes dirt, rust, sediment, taste and odour when used with a carbon cartridge.
  • Easily fits inline on pipe work.
  • PM10M will fit under sink/hand basin or onto tank.
  • PM201 designed for a whole house.
  • Other filters available.
Polymaster Filters

CFA Coupling and Cap

A fire fighting fitting ready for instant hook on by country fire-fighting authorities. VIC and SA couplings available.

  • CFA2 includes 65 mm coupling, 50 mm outlet and tested and approved gate valve.
  • Optional CFA cap screws on to seal coupling.

Rain Alert (RALM)

Rain Alert wireless level indicator. A wireless measurement device that allows you to monitor the level
of your tank/s from the comfort of your own home.

Polymaster Filters

Water Level Indicators