Polymaster Slendaline

Bs Slender Kaki

New Slendastyle Rainwater Tank Series

Slimmer Design
The new SlendastyleTM rainwater tanks have been designed as a tank with the maximum volume of water for the minimum size area.

  • Conforms to AS4766 tank standard.
  • New modern design.
  • FEA testing approved.
  • Suits submersible pump and changeover device.
  • Handgrips for easy lifting.
  • Can be coupled to other tanks for even greater volume.
  • These tanks have been designed to house the OTBW80 very neatly.
Bs Slender Blue

Polymaster Slendaline Water Tanks

Our Slendaline range of tanks provide a compact “under eave” solution to water storage. These compact tanks can come fitted with a pump and changeover device (can be fitted to any tank) giving you constant water supply to your laundry, toilet or an outside garden tap.