Polymaster Stock Troughs

Trough 12

Grain Saver

Suitable for grain and molasses feeding

Special Features:

  • New trough fits inside most hay rings.
  • Ideal for feeding cattle while protecting feed.
  • Dual purpose for hay ring when not feeding hay.
  • Grain saver slopes to edge of trough so that grain is always within easy reach.

FTL2000 Hay ring lid. (Hay ring not included)

  • All poly lid.
  • UV stabilised.
  • Rigid long life cover.
  • Can be bolted or screwed to hay ring.
Trough 10

Continuous Dry Feed Trough

Makes grain feeding of stock more economical

Special Features:

  • Minimises waste when feeding.
  • Lightweight at only 3 kg each.
  • Stackable for storage.
  • No sharp edges or joins.
  • Will not rust or spoil.
  • Flexible, (if driven on).
  • End to end linking feature, (any amount can be joined together).
  • Trough with ends available on request State left or right
Trough 9

PTW Round Water Troughs – Bare

Special Features:

  • Clear open trough (no float or cover).
  • 2 drain bung supplied.
Trough 7

M Series Troughs

Economical all poly troughs.
Light and easy to handle.

Special Features:

  • Stackable.
  • Can be pegged down.
  • All poly – will not rust.
  • Suits all livestock.
  • Easily lifted to drain water out of trough.

Suitable for:

  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Emus
  • Ducks
  • Pigs.
Trough 6

Longline Troughs

All troughs available as water or feed, 300 mm or 450 mm high stands.

Special Features:

  • Light and easy to move around.
  • UV stabilised.
  • Provision for pegging down.
  • 50 mm drain bung in all feed and water troughs.
  • Tough durable polyethylene liner.
  • Strong 25 mm square galvanised tube.
  • Float valve protected by cover.

Suitable for:

  • Cows
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Horses
  • Emus

Stock Watering Tank

Ensures large water reserves at all times. Ideally used in conjunction with pipeline/windmill applications.
“Cup and Saucer”

Special Features:

  • Manhole cover.
  • 25 mm tank inlet and 25 mm float valve supplied.
  • 4,500 litre water holding capacity.
  • 25 mm float valve mounted in bottom of wall to maintain level in trough.
  • Full float cover to protect valve from stock damage.
  • 50 mm drain bung in trough.
  • “Water Trough” This saucer makes an excellent low sided water trough.

Special Features:

  • 1,500 litre capacity.
  • Large ring area for large numbers of stock.
  • Low sided – ideal for lambs and smaller animals.
  • 25 mm float valve supplied.
  • Entry supply point protected from stock damage.

Sweep Trough

At last, an all poly, sweep out trough thats user friendly. Ideal sheep trough for dusty areas. Minimises water wastage when cleaning it out.

Special Features:

  • Hinged float cover.
  • 25 mm float valve (32 mm, 40 mm float available if required).
  • Easy cleaning, smooth sweep out end.
  • Double walled, fully supported trough.
  • Protected float valve area.
  • Easy to move around different paddocks.
  • 50 mm drain bung fitted.

Master Tub Troughs

The ultimate in round troughs:

  • Much stronger
  • More efficient
  • Easier to service
  • Full float protection

Supa Troughs

  • Uniqua all-poly construction
  • No rusting
  • Durable and portable


  • Great for watering large numbers.
  • Can service two paddocks either side of fence.
  • Ideal for both the broad acre grazier and the hobby farmer.

Special Features:

  • One-piece trough incorporating float cover.
  • 25 mm large bore sleeve valve.
  • Long lasting UV resistant polyethylene (no parts to rust).
  • Ribbed for added strength.
  • Raised cover allows trough to fill to brim
Trough 13

Triangular Corner Water Trough

Ideal for Feedlots, Saleyards and Paddock Corners

Special Features:

  • 25 mm protected float valve.
  • Versatile triangular shape fits in paddock corners.
  • Special ribbed design.
  • Durable all poly construction.