Vortex Fine Filter

Unique innovative Rainwater Filtering by Vortex Adhesion for Underground Tank Storage. Fitted to a horizontal drain pipe, it filters and diverts the rainwater to a storage tank. The incoming rainwater runs out of the horizontal drain pipe into the side of the Filter and is then led in a vortex to the filter housing below. There the rainwater is drawn through the vertically placed fine filter by adhesion and is led through the outlet to the storage area, whilst the dirt is rinsed away with the remaining water to drain. If necessary (for deeper underground installation) an extension pipe can be installed up to ground level (accessory). The rainwater inlet can be turned 360 in relation to the lower part. The central drain outlet is vertical so that pipes can be connected in any direction.
Particles larger than .44 mm are directly rinsed away into the drain.

FIlter features include:

  • Capture more than 90% while cleaning your filter as well.
  • Filtering to 0.44 mm all by gravity
  • Intended for below ground installation
  • Withstands up to 30 tonne vehicles
  • Ideally used with Polymaster Underground Tanks
  • How the Vortex Filter works